32. Enjoy wine and cheese while watching an outdoor movie.
A local indie movie theater likes to show a free outdoor movie in the upscale part of town once a month. People will go, take a pinic dinner and spread out blankets and mini tables to enjoy a relaxing evening under the stars. I want to do the same thing.
33. Ride on a zipline.
I like heights. I like speed. A zipline’s got both.
34. Ride in a hot-air balloon.
Again, I like heights.
35. Hold up a sign in the Today Show crowd.
I love watching the Today Show. The anchor team of Matt, Meredith, Al and Ann have great chemistry and it shows. So I want to go join the energetic crowds on the plaza and watch the team in person.
36. Have breakfast at Tiffany’s.
Just like in the movie.
37. Sing in the rain.
Also just like the movie.
38. See the world’s biggest ball of twine.
All across America, small towns have decidedly “unique” roadside exhibits. The reason I picked the ball of twine is because a computer game that I played as a kid (“Sam and Max Hit the Road”) involved the main characters visiting a giant ball of twine.
39. Be a pollworker.
I want to get more involved in the political process without getting involved in anyone’s campaign. I like the idea of democracy and it’s something worth supporting.
40. Go parasailing.
I like the experience of flying like a bird. Parasailing looks like it might give me that kind of feeling, so I want to try it out.
41. Swim with dolphins.
I’ve swam with fish before, but not with any mammals yet.
42. Go scuba diving.
After doing some snorkling in the Carribean, I really want to be able to go deeper and explore shipwrecks and coral growths and such, which is hard to do if you have to stay at the surface of the water.
43. Take an overnight kayak trip.
I’ve kayaked in the daytime and have camped at night, but I’ve never done the two together before. It would be a neat way to explore long rivers.
44. Spend the night in a treehouse.
As a kid, I never had a treehouse. I don’t feel deprived at all, but the idea of sleeping among the trees sounds like fun.
45. Feel the rain down in Africa.
Just like in the Toto song.
46. Spend the night at a bed and breakfast.
It sounds like a cozy way to spend a lazy weekend in some coastal town.
47. Attend a wine tasting.
A friend of mine is slowly introducing me to the pleasures of drinking good wine. But I’m still figuring out what I like and what the differences between the types of wine are. This should help.
48. Ride on a camel.
Who wouldn’t want to pretend to be an Egyptian for a little while?
49. Experience freefall on a zero-g plane.
Okay, I’m looking for an excuse to eat floating M&Ms.
50. Plan and take an out-of-state trip in less then 24 hours.
I’m a bit of a planner when it comes to traveling. I generally plan trips several weeks and often months in advance. So just grabbing my bag and going somewhere with little to no planning would help to expand my traveling horizons.
51. Ride in a rickshaw.
Because I support green forms of transport.
52. Stand in two places at once.
Just like in the Walk to Remember movie.
53. Go to a market and barter for an item.
I’ve walked through open-air markets with sellers hawking their wares. But I’ve been shy about approaching someone and bargaining with them.
54. See snow in the city.
Because I’ve already seen it the countryside of Canada.
55. Visit an In-n-Out.
There are no In-n-Outs in my corner of the US, but I’ve read about them online. I’d love to order a burger animal-style there.
56. See penguins in the wild.
Because seeing them at Sea World doesn’t give me the appreciation of what they have to do to survive in the wild. And they’re cute.