80. Donate $100 to Kiva.
I love the premise of Kiva. The organization makes loans to local entrepreneurs starting up or expanding small businesses in developing countries. The entrepreneurs then pay back those loans. With a 98% repayment rate, Kiva is clearly doing something right.
81. Do something very special for some of my loved ones.
I have something specific in mind for this, but I don’t want to spoil any surprises in case they are reading this.
82. Do volunteer work on another continent.
I want to help other folks around the world and not just in my backyard.
83. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity project.
I’ve done construction projects before and enjoyed it. Now I want to do it again.
84. Volunteer at a Give Kids the World event.
Wow, only after a month of starting this blog, I’ve accomplished my first goal. My church frequently helps out at the Give Kids the World Village near Disney and I wanted to help out. I’ll blog about this in a separate post soon.
85. Make a pledge during an NPR or PBS pledge drive.
I used to volunteer my time to a PBS station for a year and a half, but now I want to support them financially too.