I’ve been thinking more about the obstacles that will make it tricky to achieve my goals. The first two popped up in my head right away- time and money. If I had those in infinite supply, I would easily clear off most of this list without breaking a sweat. Alas, I don’t live in such a world so I’m going to have to find the best ways to utilize the time and money I do have.

But all the time and Bill Gate’s bank account won’t knock down all the obstacles I face. Some involve developing skills I just don’t have, like learning how to knit or to play piano. Others like living in a foreign country will require me to move away from people and places that I love and immerse myself in a strange culture.

There’s also the challenge of creating habits such as running on a regular basis that will be needed to accomplish some goals. Pursuing my goals has to become a lifestyle, not an aberration.

But even with all these obstacles I’m still determine to try. Even if I don’t succeed, I will have learned in the process and make my life and others just a little bit richer. And that reward is worth knocking down any wall in my way.