Before starting my list, I had not seen “The Bucket List”. However the premise of the movie, where two men with only a few months to live writing a list of what they wanted to accomplish before they “kicked the bucket”, partly inspired me to write my list.

I finally saw the movie last week and noticed many differences between my list and theirs. For starters, mine is much longer. They had 17 items on their list, while I’m at 100. They also included some “soft” goals like “kiss the most beautiful girl in the world”. Certainly, there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s obviously up to the person writing the list to decide who the most beautiful girl is. I set up my goals to be quantitative- that is, it’ll be very clear and non-debatable as to when I achieve my goals.

Some similarities exist between my list and theirs. In one scene in the movie, Cole argues that the purpose of the list is to have fun while Carter says it’s suppose to be more challenging and philosophical. Their list has elements of both. I also tried to include some challenging goals in mine that will push me as a human being, such as running a marathon. The guys also wanted to finish their list before they were dead. I also hope to do the same thing.

The most important lesson though that I got out of the movie was the fact that these two guys worked together to get the list done. They pushed each other and encouraged each other to do what neither could do alone. I don’t have anyone right now cheering me on. I haven’t even shared this list with anyone I know. Sure, I’m all gung-ho about my list right now, but down the road I’m going to need to rally some supporters around me to cheer me on when things get tough. Maybe that should be goal 101 for me- share this list with those I know who will help and support me.

After all, it’s no fun to run across a finish line with no one around to celebrate with.