After yesterday’s post, I got thinking more on how I could get others to help me with my goal list. Right now, it’s the holiday season and more then any other time of year people want to do nice things for their loved ones. People are willing to do everything from buying the latest shiny widget to whipping up a huge holiday meal to show others that they care about them. So what does this have to do with the list?

It’s a chance to give others the opportunity to help you achieve your goals. For example, I want to own all the books that Donald Miller has. So when family members ask what kinds of books they could get for me (they know I’m a bit of a bookworm), I can suggest one of his books to them. That way, they feel good because they are showing they care about me, and I’m one step closer to my goal.

This could work in many ways, whether it’s someone buying you frequent flyer miles so you can take a dream trip to Paris; giving up some of their free time to tutor you in Mandarin; or volunteering with your favorite charity. I admit I haven’t been terribly creative this season in suggesting ways to help me to my family and friends. Part of me doesn’t want to come off as a beggar, and I also don’t want to make things too complicated. So I’m taking small steps, like requesting a particular book.

On the flipside, I would love to help other people with their life goals. To me, that is a much more meaningful and long lasting gift then buying the latest and greatest shiny widget. But I don’t know what my friends’ life goals are. Perhaps that will be my gift to them this season- helping them to figure out what they want to do for the rest of the seasons in their lives.