My goal this month was to pass all the Guitar Hero 2 songs up to the hard level. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed. Before I started this blog, I had done all the songs on Easy and half the songs on Medium. I finished out the remaining Medium songs this month. But when it came to playing on Hard, it turns out that it’s actually hard to do! Playing on hard requires being able to play all 5 buttons on the guitar, so I’m having to learn a new way to play. I will keep plugging away on the game and hopefully be able to finish it off before the end of the year.

I admit that when I started failing songs on hard I wanted to quit. It requires a bit more effort and time then I was planning to put into it. But I’m not going to quit. For one thing, if I give up on something so simple and trivial as a video game, then how will I react when I take on much harder and complicated goals? I see this as a test of just how serious I am in taking on this list. And I refuse to quit.

Besides that goal, I’m also working on some other ones. I’ve been slacking off a bit in the running arena due to the holidays and doing some traveling, so I hope to get back into it so I can run a 5K in December. I’m also working on the flossing goal and getting some results already. Turns out my dentist has been right all along that flossing is good for you. If I can keep it up for thirty days, then I will be able to mark that goal off next month.