As the next wave of holiday travel washes over the airports, it’s good to try to maintain a sense of humor as people who don’t fly on a regular basis flood the airports over the next few weeks. Several travel bloggers have gotten together to lanuch a new satirical blog about the aviation industry. If you’re a fan of The Onion, then you’ll love the new Aviation Dally blog. It does a great job of poking fun at the airlines and exaggerating the insanity that is the commercial flying industry these days.

As for my holiday travel plans, I won’t be flying. I’m working both Christmas and New Year’s Day, but squeezed in a long weekend between the two to go visit some friends in Tampa and to go to a family reunion in South Georgia. It’ll be a lot of driving for me- over 500 miles round trip- but it’ll be worth it to spend time with people that I love. And that’s the point of the holidays in the first place. Besides, with hopefully light traffic and the radio tuned to NPR, it should be a pleasent and easy drive.