For the month of December I was able to knock out a  goal off my life list, but not the one I was trying to achieve this month. I’m still working on my Guitar Hero goal. I’m still stuck on one song (“Woman” by Wolfmother) and until I get past that song, I won’t make much progress on the game.

Fortunately, flossing my teeth doesn’t require the same fast fingerwork that a guitar requires, so I finished the goal of flossing for 30 days straight.  Apparently my dentist has been right all along- flossing is good for your teeth. I probably won’t keep flossing every single day from now on, but I will still do it every other day or so.

In any case, getting this goal and establishing a healthy habit was surprisely easy. The reason I haven’t tried to floss regularly in the past was because of a permanent metal retainer welded to the back of my front lower teeth. This makes my front teeth all straight and pretty, but makes it tricky to thread floss. Alas, this was a lousy excuse for my dentist, who provided me with some plastic floss threaders. Using those made flossing much easier. Plus, setting aside two minutes after brushing at night made it easy to floss on a regular basis.

For the next month, I’m going to detox from all the holiday feasting by trying out a vegetarian diet for 30 days. And I will still keep plugging away at Guitar Hero. I wonder if my dentist has any special plastic devices that will make guitar-playing easy?