Out of curiosity, I wanted to figure out how far I traveled in 2008 by various means of transportation. So for your amusement, here are the numbers:

By plane: 7,951 miles

By car (only counting trips of 2 hours or more): 1,762 miles

By train: 1,423 miles

By ship: 801 miles

By ski-lift: 15,975 ft. (~3 miles)

Grand total: 11,930 miles

My plane, car and ski-lift numbers are pretty accurate, while the ship and train numbers are more of a wild guesstimate.

During last year, I visited 5 new states (DE, IN, NJ, PA, WA)  and one Canadian province (BC), plus the Bahamas.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how I do in 2009. Next week I will post about some useful online tools that you can use to track your travel.

Edit: my apologies! I’m still learning the ins and out of the WordPress program and somehow this post didn’t get posted on the correct date. It’s now backdated correctly, but it’s showing up a week late.