I was going to a bridal shower earlier this afternoon and was looking up directions to the home that it was being held at. I discovered two sets of directions- one that used a major interstate for most of the way that I commuted along frequently. The other involved a bunch of back roads, some of which I hadn’t been on before. The interstate way would be a little quicker, but not by much. So I decided to take the road less travelled by and to test my limited sense of navigation (my motto: I’ll get there sooner or later. Usually later) and go the back roads.

I was rewarded. Along the way, I got to see an old farmhouse stuck in the middle of suburbania; a skywriter plane weaving its work in the beautiful blue sky; and found a couple of new ways to get around town. I also saw lots of green spaces and undeveloped areas still left in a city that is growing and expanding.

It was nothing earthshaking, but I got to see a different side of my hometown and enjoy a nice Sunday drive just by changing the route I drove. It’s how I keep a sense of adventure and exploration in my life, even when I’m not on the road. Besides, if I can’t appreciate what’s in my own backyard, then how will I appreciate the sights of some faraway land?