Lately, I’ve been doing some research into what other people have been putting on their life lists and how they have been accomplishing them. I’m particularly curious about what the most popular goals are. While there’s no “bucket list” organization out there that keeps track of

According to 43 Things, this is the top ten goals that their users put on their lists:

  1. lose weight 
  2. stop procrastinating 
  3. write a book
  4. fall in love 
  5. be happy
  6. get a tattoo
  7. drink more water 
  8. go on a road trip with no predetermined destination 
  9. get married
  10. travel the world

It’s a fairly diverse list, with both big goals (like getting married) to small ones (like drinking more water). Over the next few days, I will be looking at each of these goals and explaining what steps can be taken to accomplish each of them.