January has been a slow month for me in the goal-achieving arena. My goal in January was to read “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dicken. I am reading it and I’m nearly finished with it with about 40 pages to go. But since I haven’t finished it, I can’t cross it off my list just yet.

I have made some significant progress on some other goals. I should be ready to run a 5k in March. I’m able to run 2.5 miles at a time now, and my running plan should have me up to running 3.5 miles in about 3 weeks. Once I’m able to run that distance comfortably (or at least without huffing and puffing at the end), then I will sign up for a 5k.

I’m also close to paying off my car and becoming debt-free. I made a double-payment in January which moves up my pay-off date to April. I’m still struggling with my Guitar Hero goal- I fear I’ve hit some kind of plateau and getting past the point where I’m stuck will take a lot more time and effort then I really want to devote to this goal. Finally, I’ve been doing some travel-planning, but I will elaborate more on that in the Thursday travel update tomorrow.