One of my favorite things about travelling is not the actual act of travelling (although that is certainly a big part of it) but just the fun that comes in exploring possibilities for trips. In the last month, I’ve been helping the family plan out a family vacation; talked with some friends about taking a trip to the Pacific Northwest; planned out a trip to Toronto in September to see Cirque de Soliel’s new show and looked into spending a week in Buenos Aires.
Even if a trip ends up not working out, just reading up about a location is a form of vicarious travel all its own. Plus, it lays the groundwork to try to make the trip work sometime in the future. For example, the Buenos Aires trip probably won’t happen for me this year, but the research that I did for it confirms that it’s a city that I need to go visit and I now know what I need to do to make it happen sometime in 2010.
I also find trip planning to be a challenge. For the Toronto trip, I’m looking to squeeze in a visit to Niagara Falls as well. And instead of just taking a bus down from Toronto and back, I’m looking into flying into Buffalo and finding trains that will get me the rest of the way there. I also like to do things like trying to fit in as many stops to airports I haven’t been to or visiting states I haven’t seen yet. Sure, other people might find it a bit nutty and not their style, but it’s quite fun for me.
Travel planning also connects me with other people as I get to find out more about what their travel dreams are and what they like to do. Plus, travel planning is a bit of an addiction for me. I tend to get a bit twitchy if I don’t have a ticket to somewhere fun booked. It’s a fun way to fill the time between trips.
I confess that I don’t have anything booked just yet, but I should have a trip or two firmed up in the next week or so. If you have any fun trips planned this year, feel free to leave a comment about it.