February has been a somewhat productive month for me in terms of making progress on my goals. My training for a 5k has been going very well- I ran over three miles in one run last week, so I’m now confident that I can tackle a 5k. Unfortunately, the next 5k race that I can make it to isn’t until mid-April. But I’m going to sign up for that race and in the meantime start 10k training. I also need to invest in a pair of proper running shoes since my battered Sketchers are begging for mercy.

I did finish off a lot of goals relating to reading. I’m a bookworm at heart so accomplishing these goals was pretty easy. One was to read “A Tale Of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. I confess that I found it a bit of a dull read at first, but the last third of the book made up for the rest. This book has whet my appetite to take on another French historical novel- Les Miserables by Victor Hugo- that I will pick up the next time that I’m at the library.

Another book-related goal was to get copies of all of Donald Miller’s books. Thanks to friends and family, I now have all four of his books. He is a writer that has a knack for making me think. He also has the mind of a wanderer, which I relate to very well. Donald’s writing captivated me from the start when I read the author’s note (yes, the author’s note) to “Through Painted Deserts”. Since then, his writing compels me to explore the world around me and to strive to become a better person. I’m glad I now have copies of his books so if I should ever forget what I’m really suppose to be doing in this life, I can read his books and remember.

I also have several other goals in the works. A friend invited me up to his place in Boston next month, so I’m going to visit him and knock another state off my visit-all-50-states list. I should also have my car paid off in April which will free up a lot of cash for traveling.

For the month of March, I plan to try baking bread for the 3rd time and see if I can actually get something bread-like in the process. The last couple of times the bread either never rose or collapsed while baking, so the results were pretty inedible. Oh well. Third times’ the charm, right?