This past week videos of a Southwest flight attendant rapping out the safety instructions for the flight has been making the rounds among various media outlets. Youtube has several different versions posted. The Wall Street Journal even ran an article about the rapper. After seeing some of the safety raps, I wanted to watch them again, which is something I thought I never say about those safety announcements.

That got me thinking- what are some of the other airlines doing to spice up those dry annoucements and have some fun with them?

Delta put out a new video last year and it features a flight attendant nicknamed “Deltalina”. Her “no-smoking” finger wag and pouty smile breathed new life into a tired video.

Virgin America took a different tack by creating a cartoon instead of using real people in their video. The visual humor is amusing, and their line about buckling seatbelts is a hoot. Virgin Australia also took the cartoon route.

Ryanair has created a parody of the seatback safety cards to promote a new contest where people can suggest what the the airline should charge next for.

Of course, there are plenty of parodies of the airline safety videos out there. Mad TV created its own version. Airline comedian Pam Ann created a version involving wacky diagrams and a disco ball.

So next time you’re on a flight, try to pay attention. You just might be surprised.