April was a good month for me. I knocked off my goal of running a 5k at the beginning of the month. I then traveled to Boston to visit a friend. I had never been to Massachusetts or Rhode Island, so those made states #18 and #19 on my goal of visiting all 50 states.

The other goal that I hoped to do this month is pay off my car. I wasn’t able to do that in April due to some other financial stuff that came up. But I did make the penultimate payment and will have it paid off in May.

Finally, I made progress on my photo project where I’m printing and framing 10 pictures of friends and family to hang around the apartment. I’ve filled most of the extra frames that I’ve had sitting around the apartment, but will need to get a few more to bring the number up to 10. Working on the project has brought back a lot of happy memories for me and is inspiring me to create more.

I admit that at times my slow progress in accomplishing things on my list is a little frustrating. But I’m glad that I”m moving forward each month, even if it’s just one goal at a time. Onward to May!