Twitter is becoming a major form of communication online. It’s a great tool to let readers know what is going on and to have conversations with them. Several travel experts and service providers have gotten on Twitter and these are the ones that I’ve found are providing useful and informative tweets about travel.

Several airlines have gotten into the Twitter trend. Most just tweet updates and news about their companies but some are offering a bit more through Twitter.

@SouthwestAir– Southwest has been retweeting fun pictures posted by fans; posting which routes would have wireless available; and also tweet links to news, contests and new video.

@ UnitedAirlines– United is offering fare deals called “Twares” every week or so. They also just gave 1,500 bonus miles to all their Twitter followers who signed up for a promo (that promo has ended). That was a generous gesture on their part and it shows their commitment to Twitter.

@JetBlue– JetBlue is using Twitter as another way of providing customer service. They are following up with anyone that tweets them with a problem and also alerting followers to problems like severe weather in an area that is affecting large numbers of flights..

A number of travel writers and experts have a strong presence on Twitter.

@RickSeany– The man behind Fare Compare. He frequently tweets airfare deals that are only lasting for a short period of time.

@WendyPerrin– Wendy is a writer for Conde Nast and she tweets deals and information about higher-end travel.

@travelhappy– For all things scuba-diving travel related.

@flyingwithfish– The expert on how to travel with photography equipment.

@globtrav– The Global Traveller tweets useful advice and news about flying.

@flightblogger– Jon Ostower is providing a tweet-by-tweet account of the building process of Boeing’s newest plane, the 787.

Some travel service providers-

@TSABlogTeam– Everyone’s favorite government agency is tweeting information and clarifications about security procedures in the US.

@plane_talking– From the aviation news website of the same name comes headlines relating to the aviation business.

If you have a favorite travel twitter that you like to follow, feel free to post about them in the comment section.