In the wake of the “United Breaks Guitars” video, several other people have posted responses to the video.

One is the creator of the original video and his reply to United, along with the promise of another video.

One is from Taylor Guitars with some great advice about how to keep guitars from getting broken and what to do if they do get damaged.

To show that United’s not the only one breaking things, here’s a video from a guy whose dulcimer was broken by Northwest. And the guy who inspired Dave to do the United song wrote a song about his guitar’s fate with Republic Airlines.

Finally, for all the guitar players out there, Westjet promises to take good care of your precious cargo.

The lesson in all of this? Don’t check fragile things if at all possible. Contact the airline if they do damage your stuff, and if they don’t listen, don’t be afraid to complain in a creative manner.