As has been reported in numerous blogs and news sites already, JetBlue is offering a deal where from Sept. 8 to Oct. 8, you can fly as much as you want if you buy a pass for $599. The nice thing about the pass is that there’s not a lot of restrictions. The big ones are that you have to book 3 days in advance and that you can’t fly from the same city twice in one day. There’s also no additional taxes or fees for the flights that you take unless you fly to an international destination. Also, if you already have JetBlue flights booked during the pass period, the cost of those flights can be used towards the $599 cost.

Even if you can only use the pass on the weekends, it’s still a great deal since a domestic round-trip fare can easily be $150 or more.  And if you are free most of the month and can fly during the week, Will of the Strategy blog wrote a great post on how to maximize the number of flights that you can take.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I was already travelling for 3 of the 4 weekends, I would seriously consider doing this. Orlando (along with Boston; New York’s JFK; Long Beach; Washington-Dulles and Ft. Lauderdale) are hubs or focus cities for JetBlue, so most of their flights originate from those cities, so I would have had a lot of flight options. It would have also been a good way to see some new states and countries that I haven’t been to yet.

The reason that JetBlue is offering this pass is because September is their lowest month for bookings, so they are trying to increase the number of people flying. They’ve never offered this pass before and they haven’t made any suggestion that they will do it again in the future. I suspect that they probably won’t, since the recession has driven down demand for travel. Once the economy rebounds, they will most likely see demand rise again to pre-recession levels and won’t need to offer great deals like this to get people on planes. So if your schedule allows it, take advantage of this and go  have some fun.