I love the beginning of the new year. It’s a chance to step back and assess things and set goals for the next year. In 2009, my goals were mostly financial ones- I wanted to become debt-free and increase my income. I did become debt-free. I didn’t increase my income as much as I had hoped (silly recession) but in any case, I’m in a better financial position then I was last year.

I also had the goal of knocking off at least one item on my bucket list per month. With 12 goals completed, I managed to meet that.

This year will be the year of the earn. My focus will be on earning miles- whether it’s up in the air, on the ground or other creative ways. Several bloggers like Chris Guillebeau have raved about the opportunities that large miles/points balances can do for folks wanting to travel without spending a fortune. Whole forums like Flyertalk are devoted to discussing mileage earning and burning strategies.

So here are my goals for 2010-

1. Fly at least 25,000 miles– Last year, I flew about 21,000 miles. Doing 25,000 this year will be a challenge, but if the trips I’m hoping to take (including at least one overseas trip) work out, then it should be doable. The reason why I picked 25,000 miles specifically is because that’s the number needed by most airlines to achieve elite status with them, which is something I’ve never managed to do before. The real challenge will be to credit all the miles to one airline, since some of time I will be travelling with a group and have to go with whoever they want to fly with. In a later post I’ll outline which airline I’m going with and what I’m going to do to build up miles with them.

2. Earn enough miles to take an international trip in business or first class in 2011- After my trip to Japan last year, I really came to appreciate what life can be like in the front of the plane. Plus there are several cities in southeast Asia like Hong Kong and Singapore that I want to visit in the next couple of years. And with all the opportunities out there to earn miles in other ways besides just flying, it’s an achievable goal since I already have about half the miles needed for a trip.

3. Get out of town at least once a month– Last year in the months that I wasn’t flying anywhere I tried to get out and explore unique attractions around my home state of Florida. It’s been fun exploring what’s in my own backyard and it’s been nice knowing that I don’t always have to fly halfway across the world just to find adventure. Besides, if I can’t learn to appreciate what’s in my own backyard, how can I do it in someone else’s yard?

4. Run a 10k- Last year I ran a 5k, and it was amazing. Sadly I fell off the exercise wagon when the hot Florida summer hit. I’d like to get back into shape again so I’m ready to take on whatever adventures come my way next.

5. Continue working on my bucket list and reassess the list in the fall- I’m going to keep trying to get at least one goal a month. I also want to rethink some of the goals on the list. In October, the list will be two years old. A lot has changed in those two years and I’d like to remove some goals that don’t interest me anymore and add some that do.

So there you have it. As always, I’ll keep blogging about these goals throughout the year and hopefully by this time next year I can say that I’ve achieve them all.

What are your goals for the new year?