I came across this nifty project on Flickr last week. It shows where tourists and locals are taking pictures at in major cities around the world. In my hometown of Orlando, for example, it shows that mostly tourists are snapping photos around Disney World, while the locals are taking pictures in the downtown area. The data is based off the pictures that people are posting on Flickr. It’s a fun way to see a city beyond just a tourist map or Google Earth.

The maps have various landmarks marked out on them, so it’s easy to see where people are taking photos. It’s fun to look at cities like Chicago and figure out how my picture-taking matched up with the map and see if I ventured out of tourist territory or not. It’s also useful to find where the local hangouts are and see if there’s a fun place out there that’s missing from all the tourist guides.

Orlando- Locals Vs. Tourists. Map by Eric Fischer.

Orlando. Red indicates tourist photos and blue local ones. Yellow indicates it could be either. Map by Eric Fischer