July 2011

A giraffe graze in front of hotel rooms at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Most of the rooms face the safari area where a variety of African animals roam.

Giraffe grazing in front of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.



For many folks, the summer is their travel season. The kids are out of school, some businesses slow down during the summer, and it’s easier to get out on the road and in the air. Living near the House of Mouse (aka Disney) I see the tourists flood the theme parks every year.

As a contrarian traveller, summer is the worse time for me. Ticket prices to most places are at their highest all year outside of the holidays, destinations are packed and the weather is often hot and miserable.

So rather then deal with the mess of summer travel, I usually stay near home and save my cash and vacation time for the fall and spring when the weather and the deals are often much better. But that doesn’t mean I’m just sitting at home doing nothing.

I’ve been using some of the time to plan for future trips. One has been finding ways to accumulate miles and points through various offers and then figuring out how to redeem them. I just earned a large amount of American miles thanks to some Citibank offers, so I’m thinking of using those to head out to Hong Kong on Cathy Pacific (and probably stop in Toronto along the way). I’m also working on building a stash of United/Continental miles for a fun trip- possibly going to Asia via Europe. I’d really like to use those miles for an Australian or New Zealand trip, but award seats to those countries can be hard to find.

I’m also looking at opportunities to continue getting out and exploring my own backyard in Florida. One of the major interstates that runs across the state, I-4, has some interesting (and over the top cheesy) roadside attractions that I want to go check out. I’ve driven dozens of times by them but never pulled over to take a look. Next month will be the time to do that.

So while I might not be traipsing across the globe for a couple of months, I’m still getting out there and finding adventure wherever I can.