August 2011

While walking around in Lima, I spotted this old church that was getting quite the facelift.

Church in Lima, Peru.

Church in Lima, Peru.


When I went to Buenos Aires in April, I expected to find things like lots of wine and tango dancers. I found both, but I certainly didn’t expect to find this giant metal flower located near one of the city’s universities. And just like a real flower, it closes up at night.

Floralis Generica

The "Floralis Generica", located in the Palermo district of Buenos Aries.

This is the riverwalk in Sanford, FL. Sanford is a small town located north of Orlando, FL. What I like about this photo is not its photographic value, but the fact that it was a spontaneous picture. I happened to running an errand in the area, but rather then go straight home, enjoyed a relaxing evening stroll first.

Sunset along the Sanford Riverwalk.

Midday fog rolls into San Francisco Bay. The fog is a frequent occurrence, especially in the summertime, and often delays flights in and out of San Francisco International Airport.

Fog rolls into San Fransico Bay