The 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is this weekend. To honor those who lost their lives and for all the first responders who ran in to help, I’m sharing a photo from my first trip to New York in 2009. I never had the opportunity to visit the World Trade Center before the attacks occurred. But standing next to the WTC site gave me a sense of absence. Several times during my trip people would point to the gap in the skyline where the towers were. I felt the absence of the towers and of the loved ones who perished. It was a sorrowful moment, but a hopeful one as well. Construction cranes were busy repairing not only the damage to nearby building, but the damage done to good people everywhere. While nothing can be done to bring the dead back, it is good that the people of New York and the world can keep moving forward while keeping the memories of the absent alive in their hearts.

Ground Zero

Ground Zero. The World Trade Center towers stood in front of these towers.