Every year I like to post the numbers of how far I travelled and where I went along with some other fun and random stat (here’s 2008, 2009 and 2010).

Moai on Easter Island.

Moai on Easter Island.

This year, I visited 4 new countries (the most I’ve visited in one calendar year) along with a new continent (South America). My South America trip included a trip out to Easter Island, which was one of my goals on my bucket list. I also got to walk the halls of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires and eat cerviche in Lima. And I kept up my habit of running off to distant countries for the weekend by getting in a quick two-day trip to Germany at the end of the year.

Domestically, I made my first trip to wine country with a visit to Napa Valley (and mark off another item on my list- a visit to In-and-Out). A lot of my cousins got married this year, so I made several road trips to Georgia. I also took my first cross-country drive across the USA. All in all, it’s been a fun travel year.

It’s also been a very good year in terms of earning miles. I’ve picked up more then 300,000 miles/points in various programs mostly due to large credit card sign-up bonuses (and without incurring any debt). I used some of those points to get myself and a friend down to South America and the rest I will probably use in the next couple of years.

So, here are the stats from the year:

Miles flown: 30,330

Miles driven: 5,728

Countries visited: Argentina, Chile, Germany, Peru

Airports visited: 12

Airline amenity kits collected: 8

Number of pretzels eaten in Germany: 6

Number of Pisco Sours drunk: 5

A map of my 2011 travels.

A map of my 2011 travels (via the Great Circle Mapper).

As for 2012, I’m starting the year off much like I did in 2011 with no major travel plans booked yet. I will be going up to New York state to see my first hockey game and spend time with friends. Beyond that, I’m thinking of booking a return trip to Asia- possibly to China or Hong Kong. I can’t wait to see what the new year brings!