Last month was a very good month for the List. Two of the items were seeing the Harbor Lights show in Hong Kong and flying on Singapore Airlines. I flew on Singapore Airlines to Hong Kong and Singapore for vacation.

I put the light show on the list because I once read a blog post about it and loved the pictures posted of all the buildings lit up so beautifully. Seeing the show would also be a good reason to go visit the city in general. I like big cities (and I cannot lie…) and Hong Kong is one of the biggest of all.

Singapore Airlines made the list because I read a lot of frequent flyer blogs and forums and several of them mentioned how fantastic the Singapore service is and how they usually rank among the best airlines in the world. At the time that I wrote the list, I had never flown on any non-North American-based airline, so I was really curious what airlines in other countries were like. It turns out that Singapore really is as nice as the other bloggers say, especially in first class.

Since I like to be a tease, I’ll write more about both experiences next week. But I’ll say this much- if it wasn’t for the list, I would have missed out on the opportunity to do this trip because I wouldn’t have been looking out for it.

Happy adventuring!