Friday Photo

Sometimes, in order to see something above me, I need to look down instead. This is the Bok Tower in Lake Wales, FL reflecting off the water around it.

Reflection of Bok Tower.

Reflection of Bok Tower.


While walking around in Lima, I spotted this old church that was getting quite the facelift.

Church in Lima, Peru.

Church in Lima, Peru.

This is the riverwalk in Sanford, FL. Sanford is a small town located north of Orlando, FL. What I like about this photo is not its photographic value, but the fact that it was a spontaneous picture. I happened to running an errand in the area, but rather then go straight home, enjoyed a relaxing evening stroll first.

Sunset along the Sanford Riverwalk.

Midday fog rolls into San Francisco Bay. The fog is a frequent occurrence, especially in the summertime, and often delays flights in and out of San Francisco International Airport.

Fog rolls into San Fransico Bay

A giraffe graze in front of hotel rooms at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Most of the rooms face the safari area where a variety of African animals roam.

Giraffe grazing in front of Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge.


Elephant crossingSeeing these elephants cross the road in northern Kenya was sheer serendipity. The volunteer group I was with was returning back from the school we were working on back to our camp. We had been joking around with our driver that he should help us find various forms of African wildlife, including elephants. He must have been an elephant whisperer for he spotted these elephants out in the distance as we drove down the road. He stopped and warned us that we should stay in the truck as to not startle them. But as they made their way across, we all got out to get better pictures of them. They crossed quietly but steadily, perhaps in search of food.

It was a wonderful moment that I won’t forget anytime soon.

I’ve decided to spice up this blog a little bit by running a picture from some of my previous adventures. I hope they’ll inspire you to chase adventure too.

Samuri horseback rider

This is a statue of a samurai horseback rider in Tokyo, Japan. I admit that when I first saw it, I wondered why the statue had a samurai instead of a soldier. And then I realized I was in Japan. Duh.