So just what are my goals? Here’s the list! I also will be breaking down these goals in later posts by explaining just why I want to do them and how I plan to achieve them.

You’ll notice in the list that I’ve included percentages with some of them. Those indicate how far along I am to achieving that goal. In order for a goal to be added to the list, it needed to be something that is well-defined and quantitative. I want to know exactly when I accomplish a goal.

So without further ado- my list! (Last updated 08/31/10; 18 goals accomplished so far)


1. Visit all 50 US states. (22/50; 44%)

2. Fly first class on an airline. Completed on 10/11/09

3. Visit all seven continents. (3/7; 42%)
4. Live in a foreign country for a year
5. Fly around the world on a round-the-world ticket.
6. Go on a Panama Canal cruise.
7. Spend 3 weeks in New Zealand.
8. Go overseas. Completed on 10/8/09
9. Take a roadtrip with friends
10. See Niagara Falls
11. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
12. See the “bean” in Chicago. Completed on 04/16/10
13. Go see a taping of the Colbert show in New York City.
14. Cross into Canada by boat.
15. Cross into Canada by foot.
16. Have a steak dinner in Argentina.
17. Visit Cedar Point
18. See the Hong Kong light show.
19. See a taping of NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” in Chicago.
20. Visit all the US national parks. (3/58; 5%)
21. Wear the clothing of a native country in that country.
22. Take a gondola through the canals of Venice.
23. Visit one of the international Girl Scout houses.
24. Fly on Singapore airlines.
25. Go see an Olympics sporting event in person.
26. Visit all of Canada’s territories and provinces. (2/12; 16.6%)
27. Visit the Galapagos islands.
28. Ride Amtrak’s “City of New Orleans” train.
29. Fly 100 airline routes. (20%)

30. Visit Easter Island.
31. Take a trip through the Chunnel.


32. Enjoy wine and cheese while watching an outdoor movie.
33. Ride on a zipline. Completed July 2010
34. Ride in a hot-air balloon.
35. Hold up a sign in the Today Show crowd. Completed in September 2009
36. Have breakfast at Tiffany’s.
37. Sing in the rain.
38. See the world’s biggest ball of twine.
39. Be a pollworker.
40. Go parasailing.
41. Swim with dolphins.
42. Go scuba diving.
43. Take an overnight kayak trip.
44. Spend the night in a treehouse.
45. Feel the rain down in Africa.
46. Spend the night at a bed and breakfast.
47. Attend a wine tasting. Completed November 2009
48. Ride on a camel.
49. Experience freefall on a zero-g plane.
50. Plan and take an out-of-state trip in less then 24 hours.
51. Ride in a rickshaw.
52. Stand in two places at once.
53. Go to a market and barter for an item. Completed August 2010
54. See snow in the city.
55. Visit an In ‘n Out.
56. See penguins in the wild.


57. Maintain an active blog for a year. Completed October 2009
58. Learn intermediate Spanish.
59. Work in a bookstore for 3 months.
60. Try 50 new recipes and keep track of them by taking photos of the dishes.
61. Become a millionaire. (>10%)
62. Get paid to be a tour guide.
63. Finish Guitar Hero II on Hard.
64. Fly solo in an airplane.
65. Knit a blanket.
66. Make a pillow quilt.
67. Change the oil myself in my car.
68. Learn how to play Coldplay’s “Clocks” on piano.
69. Work at a hotel for 3 months.
70. Make my own candles.
71. Make sushi.
72. Bake bread.
73. Make a beanbag dragon.

74. Eat a no-meat diet for 30 days. Completed July 2009
75. Run a marathon.
76. Run a 5k race. Completed April 2009
77. Run a 10k race.
78. Run a half-marathon
79.Floss for 30 days straight. Completed 12/25/08

Giving Back
80. Donate $100 to Kiva.
81. Do something very special for some of my loved ones.
82. Do volunteer work on another continent. Completed August 2010
83. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity project.
84. Volunteer at a Give Kids the World event.
85. Make a pledge during an NPR or PBS pledge drive.

86. Buy a condo
87. Read all of Shakespeare’s plays.
88. Read “A Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. (Completed 3/02/09)
89. Collect all of C.S. Lewis’ writings.
90. Establish a dinner club and keep it going for at least six months.
91. Buy all of Donald Miller’s books. (Completed 2/11/09)
92. Have a penpal for at least six months. Completed August 2010
93. Frame and hang 10 pictures of friends and family to display in my apartment.
94. Fill 5 journals with my traveling adventures.
95. Watch all 100 films on the 2007’s AFI’s Top 100 films list. (31%)
96. Post 10,000 pictures on Facebook. (1,365/10,000; 13.7%)
97. Try a Malbec wine. Completed November 2009
98. Host a wine tasting with wines I’ve brought back from other places.
99.Pay off my car. Completed 5/14/09
100. Write a book and get it published.


19 Responses to “My 100 Life Goals”

  1. Joe J Says:

    First – kudos for, figuratively, putting this down on paper as it make the list tactile and measurable.

    You’ve got some things that are on my yet-unwritten list (See an sporting event at the Olympics) and some that I’ve already completed (Cedar Point – awesome coasters … need to go back again).

    One comment: why just fly solo in an airplane? The commitment to get to solo is about less than 1/2 way to getting your pilot’s license. Go all the way and then you’ll have freedom to go almost anywhere when the weather is relatively good :-).

    I learned to fly in the Orlando area If you are interested in learning to fly, I know of a few places where you can ask questions and see if the teaching styles suit your learning style.

    Good luck!

  2. Lizzy Says:

    Hi Joe! Thank you so much for the comment- nice to know that others are enjoying this site. As for flying solo, I wrote the list before I had done any research into what it takes to fly a plane and didn’t realize that flying solo took place as part of the certification process. When I do tackle that goal, I plan to go for my private pilot license.

    Any recommendations that you have about places to learn how to fly would be great. I’m not going to be able to start training yet since I need to save up the money first. But in the meantime, I’m playing around with flight simulators to better understand how a plane works.

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Joe J Says:

    Flight simulators – I saw the tweet earlier. 🙂

    I learned to fly over at Air Orlando at Orlando Executive Airport (319 Crystal Lake Drive). In fact, I’m planning on renting there this weekend as I’ll be in town. They have really well maintained aircraft – mostly newer model Cessnas for trainer airplanes.

    Up in Sanford, there’s Falcon Flight Sanford (1110 Spinner Lane). They tend to have older, but also well-maintained equipment, which means that it’s less expensive to rent there.

    A few of my instructors were graduates of Delta Connection Academy in Sanford. They run a very structured program, called a Part 141 school. DCA is geared for those who want to go to the airlines.

    If you want to know how airplanes fly, you can download the two books from the FAA that are the basis of primary (private) pilot training: Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and Airplane Flying Handbook. The books aren’t too technicaland written to impart the required knowledge for the written and oral tests.

    Finally, go to the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Let’s Go Flying Web site at They’ve got great resources on getting started with lessons.

    Make sure that you “click” with your instructor. I had an instructor early in my training that didn’t provide any constructive feedback on my flying technique that I chose to find another instructor after five flights.

    I also noticed that you had some wine items on your list. Have you ever been to Eola Wine Company (Central & Osceola – Lake Eola)? The manager, Jenny, is great with selecting wines. They also have wine flight tastings on the menu so that you can try different types/regions.

  4. Lizzy Says:

    Thank you so much for all the flying information. It is exactly what I was looking for. I actually found the AOPA site last week and I’ve been spending my free time reading all the info there.

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Eola Wine Company from friends who have been there. The next time I’m in the area I’ll have to stop in and look around.

    Thanks again!

  5. elleswim Says:

    Excellent list! Good luck achieving your goals!

  6. Zach Says:

    I love the idea, and your goals are really interesting. I share a number of them:)

    I think I’d like to do this too. Too bad “inspire someone else to make a list of 10 goals and then go accomplish them just because they visited my blog” isn’t one of your goals:)

    Enjoy your journey!

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  8. […] country, it’s been amazing seeing the diversity in cultures and places. I also knocked several items off my bucket list- from running in a 5k to appearing in the crowd at a Today Show taping to flying in first […]

  9. Sarah S Says:

    hello everyone!, I’m new on here and looking forward to being a part of the discussion.

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  11. Betsy K Says:

    Love your list! You do know that they don’t actually serve breakfast at Tiffany’s=== you’ll have to stand outside and look in like Audrey did at 5am, with a cup of coffee and perhaps a bagel.

    Kudos to you! Have fun==== Betsy

  12. Mike (mikeef) Says:

    Love the site. Saw you just did In-n-Out, which is a great experience. Didn’t quite think they were as good as Whataburger, but the experience is better.

    Was just down in your neck of the woods and went to one of my faves, Seasons 52. Hard to believe those are the same guys as Olive Garden.

    If you’re at all into Thai, Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas is a bucket list choice.

  13. Nicholas Says:

    You forgot: Goal 101 Be happy and enjoy golden present.

  14. worldclock Says:

    The Travelling Adventurer » My 100 Life Goals – just great!

  15. Erin Says:

    I think I may borrow some of these 🙂

  16. ssa Says:

    Hey Lizzy

    U inspired me to write a list of my own! Thanks!

  17. Kofucious Says:

    Agree with ssa, inspires me to write my own list as well.

  18. - Anonymous Says:

    I was writing my own, and got stumped for a second, – Lost focus?
    A quick google search brought your post up new the top. Good job.

    The list was excellent, and it reminded me that I want to go skydiving, in one of the places where you go into a room with a huge fan under the net floor!

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